How does saying you’re multiracial change the way people see you?

Race and perceived beauty are closely intertwined. Robert L. Reece, Duke University Last month, rapper Kanye West posted a controversial casting call for his clothing line, Yeezy, mandating “multiracial women only.” Many objected, arguing that West had insulted darker-skinned black [...]

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From generations of infidelity and pain, Beyoncé makes ‘Lemonade’

Where Prince had “Purple Rain” and Michael Jackson had “Thriller,” Beyoncé, with “Lemonade,” now has her own authentic, self-reflective masterpiece. Naeemah Clark, Elon University Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But apparently a woman scorned is also the [...]

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How politics played a major role in the signing of Jackie Robinson

On October 23, 1945, the Brooklyn Dodgers signed Jackie Robinson to their top minor league team, the Montreal Royals, ending the color line in professional baseball. Chris Lamb, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis After the signing, an Associated Press reporter asked [...]

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