Attica, USA 1971: Images and Sounds of A Rebellion

This exhibition recounts the story and cultural impact of the notorious Attica prison riots in western New York State. In a context of great political unrest in the United States, including repression of the Black Panther Party and mass opposition to the Vietnam War, 2200 inmates at the Attica Correctional [...]

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R.I.P Howard Matthews + Canadian Black History Moment #4096

On September 18th at Toronto's Lula Lounge, celebrate not only Howard Matthews' incomparable life but also black Canadian music and cultural history. Special to Delectant by Dalton Higgins, Concert Producer, Journalist, Publicist, Author of 6 books incl. Drake biography Far [...]

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Ever Young: James Barnor, Famed Ghanian Photographer at Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival

Co-presented with Black Artists’ Network in Dialogue (BAND) the exhibition gathers some 80 works spanning the breadth of Barnor’s extensive and prolific career of more than 60 years. Born in 1929 in Accra, James Barnor is considered a pioneer of [...]

At the AGO – Thomas Ruff: Object Relations

Ruff's first major Canadian museum exhibition features oeuvre where he works from found or collected photographic materials. Thomas Ruff: Object Relations brings together for the first time – and for his first major Canadian museum exhibition – the series from Ruff’s [...]

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