Medieval women can teach us how to smash gender rules and the glass ceiling

To gain authority, women had to be chaste, and to behave like men by adopting “masculine” characteristics. Joan of Arc | source: BlackMac/ Laura Kalas Williams, University of Exeter On the night of the US election, Manhattan’s magisterial, glass-encased [...]

Putin’s cyber play: What are all these Russian hackers up to?

Despite evidence to the contrary, the Russian government has denied any involvement or collusion with Cozy Bear, Fancy Bear, Guccifer 2.0, the Dukes and Quedagh. Ryan C. Maness, Northeastern University and Margarita Levin Jaitner, Swedish Defence University Russia has been [...]

WATCH: ‘Will & Grace’ cast reunites for the 2016 Elections

'Will & Grace' aired for eight seasons on NBC from 1998-2006, winning 16 Emmy Awards and several GLAAD prizes. The buzz about a possible "Will & Grace" reunion grew stronger and stronger, thanks to teases the original cast put out on social [...]

Clinton finds her voice – but sexism that greets women’s speech endures

Clinton's famous graduation address at Wellesley College in 1969 reveals she was astute, eloquent and articulate, not as she’s caricatured as today. Kae Reynolds, University of Huddersfield After a campaign lasting more than a year and taking in all 50 [...]

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