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Ball Gown, Viktor & Rolf (Dutch, founded 1993), spring/summer 2010

Ball Gown, Viktor & Rolf (Dutch, founded 1993), spring/summer 2010

As self-confessed outsiders of the fashion world, since forming their artistic partnership in 1992, fashion artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren have gained critical acclaim for their rebellious approach to design, technical virtuosity, and deep knowledge of fashion history. Throughout their illustrious twenty-year career, Viktor&Rolf have carved a contradictory identity that pushes the boundaries between art and fashion, often contrasting romance and violence, exuberance and control, classicism and rebellion.

The duo have become renowned for their experimental runway shows, including their 1999 ‘Russian Doll’ runway show in which model Maggie Rizer was progressively dressed by the designers in nine different layers and 2003’s ‘One Woman Show’ fashion collection inspired by actress and muse Tilda Swinton, in which the actress herself appeared amidst a runway of models made up in her likeness.

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