Andy Warhol portrait2016-10-14T05:31:59-04:00
Shalom Harlow in Philip Treacy by Irving Penn2016-12-03T13:04:53-05:00
Irving Penn: In A Cracked Mirror (Self-Portrait)2016-12-03T13:34:31-05:00
Faye Dunaway, Bonnie and Clyde2016-06-05T11:52:42-04:00
Muhammad Ali2016-10-14T05:31:59-04:00
Yasmin Warsame by Deana Nastic2016-12-03T13:57:33-05:00
Frida Kahlo by Gisèle Freund2016-12-03T13:35:06-05:00
The Behive Squared – Jean Shrimpton photographed by Richard Avedon (1965)2016-10-14T05:32:04-04:00
Domiva with the Elephants by Richard Avedon2016-05-05T07:57:20-04:00
Glass Ceiling, Jill Greenberg2016-05-05T07:19:21-04:00
Model, Actor, Marie Hallowi, 19662016-12-03T13:35:23-05:00
Jane Fonda, 19652016-12-03T13:35:41-05:00
Prince’s Fabulous Hair Legacy2016-07-12T12:08:24-04:00
Mounia Orosemane2016-10-14T05:32:04-04:00
Naomi Campbell, Palm-Springs (1989), by Albert Watson2016-12-03T13:35:59-05:00
Yves Saint Laurent by Irving Penn2016-04-13T10:41:48-04:00
Sophia Loren, New York by Irving Penn2016-04-14T19:09:20-04:00
Al Pacino by Irving Penn2016-10-14T05:32:04-04:00
Bull in a China Shop – Kent Monkman2016-12-03T13:19:49-05:00
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