How does saying you’re multiracial change the way people see you?

Race and perceived beauty are closely intertwined. Robert L. Reece, Duke University Last month, rapper Kanye West posted a controversial casting call for his clothing line, Yeezy, mandating “multiracial women only.” Many objected, arguing that West had insulted darker-skinned black [...]

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Pierre Jean-Louis’ ‘Black Girl Magic’ beautifully celebrates Black hair

Pierre Jean-Louis’ Black Girl Magic series brings the magic to fore. His unapologetic and breathtaking artwork is promoted on his Instagram page. Hair has long been politicized, especially for black women, but efforts to reclaim culture have given the natural-hair movement momentum. Many proud black women [...]

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I SEE BEAUTY by Jackie Shawn featuring celebrated Canadian artist, Kent Monkman

Shawn gets behind the public face of celebrity guests to deftly unmask a personal beauty rarely ever publicly seen. This premiere episode profiles Kent Monkman and is generously supported by Tiger of Sweden. Renowned, award-winning makeup artist, Jackie Shawn introduces a 20 minute conversation series, profiling [...]

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