20 PSAs About Homelessness

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TWENTY DIVERSE PERSONALITIES – Canadian celebrities and influencers of music, food and fashion, as well as successful alumni of Eva’s Initiative for Homeless Youth – share candid personal stories of how homelessness has touched their lives, how being “different” has shaped them.

Similar in mood and authenticity to the thought-provoking online series “Humans of New York”, I am Eva offers rich, authentic glimpses into the lives of the storytellers. Conveyed through thoughts, words, moments of pause, gestures, wit and laughter, each vignette exposes dare, passion and compassion, as resolve shines through.

Each vignette is unique, the challenges faced, the storyteller’s personal style, how he or she moves and lives. Collectively, the 20-episode series is a testament to the different faces, depth and breadth of youth homelessness today.

EVA MAUD SMITH – A woman of action, she immigrated to Canada from Jamaica as a domestic worker at the age of 33 in 1956. Nothing was easy about her first years in this country, but it wasn’t long before she became a community leader and a school outreach worker. She soon shed light on hidden youth homelessness, showing decision-makers the scope of the problem and rallying supporters to do something about it.

Eva’s Place first opened its doors posthumously in 1994. Over the next 10 years, Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth expanded with Eva’s Satellite and Eva’s Phoenix. Each facility offers unique services for homeless and at-risk youth.

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