Robert Gage, a legendary Toronto hairstylist whose clientele was the who’s who of Toronto is remembered fondly by friends.

Robert Gage on set with Donna DeMarco | source: The Toronto Star

Toronto’s famed hairstylist to the elite Robert Gage passed away suddenly at the age of 73 Thursday, leaving behind his loyal following of friends and glitterati.

He was a legend, larger than life, a gifted hairstylist, a lover of beauty and style, a bon vivant and above all a generous and caring person, his friends recalled.

But to the people who loved him and who had sat in his chair as he washed, cut and styled their locks, Gage, who semi-retired a few years ago, was so much more than an (expert) hairstylist.

“The haircut I’d say was 20 per cent of the reason you would go to Robert Gage,” recalled entertainment mogul Jeffrey Latimer. “My hair was always great, I loved my hair, it was easy. But 80 per cent was for the social experience of sitting in the chair and you never know who you’re going to meet.”

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