The artist got attention from a new audience thanks to Drake’s Hotline Bling video – but his long career deals with art and life’s most fundamental substance

The works of artist James Turrell have been described as mind-altering experiences that contort reality and change people’s ability to perceive truth. Apparently this happened to Drake, who after seeing Turrell’s art in person, copied it almost exactly in his ‘Hotline Bling video.

In the video, the Degrassi alum dancing inside glowing geometric environments that slowly change color, which all look verysimilar to the work of the iconic Light and Space artist. But in a surprising statement, Turrell apparently doesn’t mind

Turrell was asked during an interview with Post art and architecture critic Philip Kennicott about his favorite Drake song. “This is very interesting because you can think that you have some importance by involvement in the art world, but you know popular culture is so much more,” Turrell said.

“He honored my work and I was flattered by that,” Turrell continued. “Actually, I’ve enjoyed a lot more attention since he got involved.”