“My inspiration doesn’t change from season to season. It’s usually the same thing. I’m very much excited and curious about the world we live in.”  – Pedram Karimi


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That global perspective stems from the storied life of Pedram Karimi. He was born in Iran, raised in Austria and studied London College of Fashion (LCF) in the U.K., before heading to Montreal to continue his studies at the International LaSalle College. It was there that he got his first break, winning second place in the Canada-wide Telio’s “Canada’s Breakthrough Designers” competition

Predram Karimi

Predram Karimi

“I think that put me on the map a little bit,” Mr. Karimi says, adding that he started getting invited to fashion shows in Montreal. He has gained momentum since then; Vogue Italia recently profiled him as an emerging talent.

‘’The world around me inspires me. The physical, sentimental, sophisticated, gritty everyday is what drives me to express myself in the way that I am and makes me wanna create garments that feel honest.”


His experimental esthetic may be years away from reaching mainstream audiences.

“Canada is a new country and this whole fashion culture is pretty new,” Mr. Karimi said. “So a lot of people dress similarly. But I believe with the Internet and being more aware and going on different websites and magazines, there’s so much attention on fashion.”