Project Description

Lupita Nyong'o by Peter Lindbergh for Pirelli

Lupita Nyong’o by Peter Lindbergh for Pirelli

The 2017 edition of the Pirelli Calendar venture away from the calendar’s roots and instead celebrate the inherent beauty of women and their raw essences. With  photographer Peter Lindbergh, focuses accomplished women of all ages like we’ve never seen them before: made-under and unretouched.

“In a time when women are represented in the media, in every way else, as ambassadors of perfection and youth, I thought it was important to remind everyone that there is a different beauty, more real and truthful, and not manipulated by commercial or any other interests. Beauty that speaks about individuality, courage to be yourself, and your very own sensibility. That’s my definition of a woman today. That is the goal of the calendar, to show that woman and not the stretched and manipulated.” said Lindbergh.

This image of Lupita Nyong’o, we feel, embodies this.