Project Description

Monique Anthony Orosemane is a Martinican artist, born in the Holy Spirit. Known as a model under the pseudonym Mounia (or Princess Mounia), she is also a painter.

During the 1980s, Mounia was noticed at a fashion show for Givenchy by Yves Saint Laurent and she became his muse almost immediately. She’s also worked for other designers like Dior, Versace or Armani. Mounia acquired an international reputation, also appearing in Vogue. In 1989, the director Frédéric Hadengue devotes a report entitled Mounia, Supermodel and supermodel. In 2005, Essence magazine ranked her among the most famous of black personalities.

Her interest in painting, initiated by Bernard Buffet, is now Mounia’s prime focus. She’s mounted several exhibitions in France, Japan and the Ivory Coast.

In 1988, Mounia released a record called Kamikaze, edited by Carrère. In 1998 she sings Trouble as duet with Bernard Lavilliers. In 2004 she was also featured on the album Moon’s Groove.