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Moving beyond the conventions of simple journalistic criticism, Mr. Dhir delivers two bi-monthly columns, on art and film, under the umbrella Meraj Dhir’s REVIEW, exploring the historical, political, economic, and most centrally, the aesthetic contexts within which visual artworks are produced, distributed and appreciated. His extensive knowledgebase in art history and film studies coupled with his fluid public speaking and on camera presence allows him incredible versatility in his journalistic approach.

Meraj Dhir’s Top Thirteen Favorite Halloween Films to count down the “Holiday” Horror Season!!!!

THE DRESSMAKER …overbloated and indulgent but reasonably entertaining confection of a film

Meraj Dhir’s REVIEW (In Capsule): Terrence Davies’ Sunset Song Starring Agyness Deyn Equally Delights and Underwhelms

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Drawing in Canada… an Assessment and Survey of the State of a Fine Art, Inspired by Oakville Galleries: Out of Line, a Bravura and Thoughtful Summer Long Exhibition

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