Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the cover of Marvel’s Civil War II: Choosing Sides #5. The PM appears slouched in a boxing ring, eyes squinted, teeth gritted in a smile, and a big red maple leaf on his boxing jersey. His infamous stylized raven tattoo, inspired by a Haida artist, is visible on his shoulder.

The Prime Minister, who’s known for his boxing skills, is flanked by Puck, Sasquatch, and Aurora, the three members of Alpha Flight. (For those who don’t know their Canadian superheroes: Sasquatch is the giant, Puck is the bearded guy and Aurora is the dark-haired woman.) Iron Man is there too.

Civil War II centers around conflict between Iron Man and Captain Marvel. In this comic, from writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Ramón Pérez, Puck, Sasquatch, and Aurora have left Canada (and Earth) to work for Captain Marvel’s space-based global defense program.

The story revolves around an ethical dilemma a new character, Ulysses, can “predict [future] disasters” to a certain degree of accuracy, sort of like the Precogs in Minority Report. But the superheroes are bitterly divided on how, and whether, to draw on this ability, “because it can be flawed and abused.”

So the Alpha Flight crew turns to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whom Marvel describes in a press release as their “old boss,” for some advice about what to do.

Trudeau’s father, former PM Pierre Elliott Trudeau, also appeared with the Alpha Flight crew back in his day. In 1979, the elder Trudeau was featured in Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men #120, ordering the trio to apprehend Wolverine, who left Alpha Flight to join the X-Men.