The Coke bottle’s Iconic Design Happened by Sheer Chance

The Coca-Cola bottle was born 100 years ago, yesterday, when its iconic contour bottle—heralded as the “perfect liquid wrapper”—was approved for patent on Nov. 16, 1915. In 1915, to distinguish itself from copycats and competitors like iKoka-Nola, Ma Coca-Co, Toka-Cola and Koke, Coca-Cola issued a design competition announcement seeking “a [...]

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At the Crossroads of Art and Design: An Interview with Sebastian Brajkovic

Fibonacci, by Sebastian Brajkovic | Carpenters Workshop Gallery Jana Perkovic for BlouinArtinfo | Dutch designer Sebastian Brajkovic creates captivating works at the crossroads of art and design. His finely crafted furniture morphs, shifts, and stretches as though by a real-life version of Photoshop, yet remains in a dialogue [...]

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